Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Planning - Mise En Scene - Ms Heath

My thriller opening would consist of two locations. The first setting would be outside in a park with everything occuring in a natural way as there would be pedestrants walking. The other location would be a dark room with little visiblity to create a feeling of suspense within the audience. The dark room would be the location in which most of the action would take place because the dark room is more of a conventional thriller location.

The response I hope to create from my use of settings are that the audience could estanblish that its a setting the would be conventional to a thriller, and they would react to in the the relevant way depending on the setting for example they would feel the sense of being worried when the scene was in the dark room

In our thriller we are planning to use significant amount of effort into the iconography. We would use a various range of iconograhpy that would be relevent and conventional to a thriller. We would set up equipment such as knives, saws, large scissors to create a chilling experience from the audience. We would have reference to blood throughout the scenes for example there was blood on the antagonists' gloves. Moreoever, we are thinking to have red pens that would be used by the antagonist to target the victim on her picture. Candles would also be used to display the antagonist as having a myserious character.

The response I hope to create from the use of iconography would be that the audience would be aware of the strength of the antagonist and what he is capable of doing to the victim in order for the audience to feel sad for the victim.

The antaonist would be wearing dark clothes to represent himself as being evil and having a dark personality. The dark costume would result in the audience going against the antagonist. The victim on the other hand would be waring light clothes to portray her as being pure and innocent. The antagonists' would be wearing masks to cover their identity as they would not want to be identified.

The response I hope to create from the use of costume would be that the audience would be able to acknowledge the victim and the antagonist by the use of costume as the antagonist would be wearing darker clothes in relation to the victim.

Facial expression/body language:
When the victim would be captured she would have a worried and anxious facial experssion as there was close up shots on the victim to portray the facial expression. Body language of antagonist would be calm and give the sense that he would be in control over the victim. On the other hand, the body language of the victim would be shown as weak and defencess against the antagonist.

The response I hope to create from the facial expression and body language would be that through the use of facial expression and body language the audience should be able to tell that the victim is in trouble and that the antagonist is in control

Low-key lighting would be used  when the victim would be captured to illustrate that she is in trouble and she could experience bad. In contrast, natural lighting would be used when the victim would be on her own before she gets captured to give the sense of her being free for the time being and living her normal life not being aware of the fact that she is going to get captured soon.

The response I hope to create from ligthing would be that the audience should be able to understand that when the lighting changed from natural to low-key the audience would be aware that the victim is in trouble.


  1. A solid discussion the mis en scene elements .

    It is clear that you have considered these elements in detail and how they can best lend towards your narrative.
    You discuss in great detail the reasons for specific choices of location and develop with an explanation of why you have selected your final narrative. Well done!

    To improve:
    - Comment and develop discussion on the type of lighting that you intend to use and why.

  2. Please make the changes noted above to your work.