Sunday, 17 March 2013

Post Production - Audience feedback - Ms Begum

Audience feedback

Audience feedback is the reaction from the audience after watching the thriller opening. The feedback could be either negative or positive. Audience feedback is important because it gives an clear idea to us about what was good about your product and what we should of done better at. Therefore we can determine if our thriller was successful or not.

Before the production of our thriller product we carried out questionnaires to gain some feedback. I carried this out because I wanted to be aware of what were the demands of the audience so i could fulfil that. This was beneficial because it gave us an idea of what our thriller product should consist of in order to keep the audience satisfied. Furthermore, we were also aware of what narrative was most appealing to the audience.

We then screened our thriller product. We chose to screen our thriller product in relation to the target audience of my thriller product. This was an audience that was the age of 15 or over. I chose to screen it to this specific audience because from my research of questionnaire results i knew that my product was suitable and most appealing to an audience of 15 and over. This was beneficial to my thriller conventions and production film making because I was aware that the micro-elements I used was appealing and would draw my target audience into the product. 

Positive comments:

A positive comment that I had received was from Mehmet. The props (iconography) used was eye-catching and related to the narrative.

I think this comment was a good point to pick up on because we had put significant effort on the iconography to relate with the mysterious protagonist.

Hasret had said that ‘the soundtrack created tension and related to the thriller genre’

I was glad to hear this feedback because we had spent a lot of time on the soundtrack to make it a conventional thriller soundtrack and from the comment above we can conclude that it was successful.

Ryan had said that ‘the camera shots such as a close up camera shot of the victim were clear and purposeful.’

This comment was beneficial because we had emphasised on portraying the victim in a way to show her emotion and feelings at the time.

Constructive comments:

A constructive comment that I received by Selma was that ‘different and more camera angles could have been used.’

I agree with this comment as we could of used different camera angles, as different camera angles would give more meaning to our thriller product and display the characters in a useful way.

Another constructive comment was made by Cagdas was that the storyline could have been more creative.

I think that if we put more effort in the storyline the outcome would have been more positive. A more creative storyline could be a significant contributing factor in the success rate of our thriller product.

Sam had commented that ‘the scene when the victim was walking in and out of the shop seemed to drag’

This constructive comment was accurate because I could have made the shop scene more sharp and short. If this could be improved, the scene could have been more fluent and would have had a greater impact on the audience.

Now that I have receive the feedback on my thriller product, I think that I followed my brief and created a successful thriller because my thriller had consisted of the micro-elements which were conventional in thrillers. In which this had reflected on the feedback as the feedback which was mainly positive.

The audience feedback was beneficial to me even though I had created my thriller product because it allowed me to see if the target audience was satisfied about what they saw and what aspects I could have done better in. from the audience feedback, I think that my intended target audience had considered my thriller product as a success. Moreover, my product would enhance the status of ‘New Line Cinema’ as I believe the outcome of the product was a success. My film company would consider working in the future with me as the thriller product successful as conveyed through the audience feedback.

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  1. Good work here on the audience feedback that you recieved. Good to see that you have included a range of feedback within your post.

    To improve:
    -how did the comments make you feel about the overall use of displaying the conventions of the thriller genre?
    -use quotation marks when people provide feedback
    -in your conclusion, state whether you were happy with the feedback that you received
    -check spelling and grammar of your work please