Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Research - Opening credits - Ms Gibbings

Opening credits:

Opening credits are written information in a film that occur at the opening of a film. However, the opening credits are excluded from the actual film as only the audience are exposed to seeing them. The opening credits consist of who stars in the film, as well as the production roles. The opening credits are important because it enables the audience to be aware of the important people who are in the film, and who took part in the production of the film.

The opening credits of a thriller has a significant impact in the opening of the film. This is due to the fact that the credits can cause confusion and it also makes the audience think about what is going on in the scene while the opening credits are been shown. The use of sounds while the credits are been shown also enhances the impact that the credits have on the audience. Its essential to draw the audience into the action from the start.

'Se7en' Opening credits:

From the notable thriller 'Se7en' we can see the opening credits being portrayed through to the audience while the there is some action from the start of the film being taken place. We can see the names of famous actors that are in the film such as Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. The names of the characters shown in the opening credits also flash continuously to draw the audience in, and is a thriller specific technique.

There are useful cinematography techniques that were also used during the opening credits. We could see close ups of the action that was taking place as the credits were occurring. Furthermore there is a male character using the needle and large scissors, which would create a negative impression towards him from the audience.

The low-key lighting is consistent throughout the opening credits. This conveys the opening as being mysterious and creepy as the audience is exposed to low-key lighting from the start of the film. 

The soundtrack used while the opening credits are going adds to the suspense that is created. It also makes the audience feel uneasy with the disturbing sounds such as scratches and a broken radio. Moreover, this is conventional because it relates well with the images that we can see as well as the credits.

To conclude, the opening credits of 'Se7en' is the type of opening credits that I should consider using in my own thriller. This is because in the credits they have managed to draw in the audience with the techniques used. The use of imagery has contributed in catching the audiences attention and I think that this is essential to do at the start of a film, especially doing so in the opening credits.

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  1. Well done Onat, you have analysed the opening credits of se7en very successfully.
    To improve:
    -Say how this has impacted on your planning of your opening credits, what will you do?