Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Planning - Scene Narration - Ms Hawkins

In the first scene of my thriller there would be shots of thriller scpecific icongorahpy such as the knives, and large scissors etc. the audeince would be ware of all the equipment that the antagonist would have. There would be close ups of the thriller specific iconography such as the blood on the gloves to create a chilling response within the audience.

Then, there would be images of the victim that would be layed out on a table with candles around the pictures as the antagonist would be staring at the pictures. Moreover, the antagonist would cross out her face with a red pen implying that she is the next victim. There would also be a shot of the antagonist burning the picture of the victim in order to imply that she is in trouble.

Then, the victim would be introduced as we see her sitting in the park which would be the first setting that we would be using. She would be sitting at the bench as she would be starting to get dizzy as then the antagonist would make his move in capturing her.

We would then see her being tied up on a table with a extreme close up shot of her face displaying her as frightened and worried about what would happen to her. Ther would also be a POV shot of the victim looking up at the antagonist wearing a mask. This scene would consist of low-key lighting to portay the victim as being in trouble.

The final scene would consist of the antagonist on his with a close up and the camera only concentrating on him as he blows out the candle leaving the audience with a cliffhanger and wondering what would happen to the victim.

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  1. A good narration of what will happen in your scene, well done. You refer to some reasons why you have chosen to create particular elements.

    To improve;
    -write it more like a story. What will happen in more detail in your two minute opening?
    -refer to audience responses more