Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Research: Narrative theory: Ms Hawkins

What is 'narrative theory?
in media terms a narrative is a account of connected events. the audience needs a narrative in order to be familiar with what they are watching and to have an understanding of what is going on. in films there is always a beginning  a middle and an end. due to the narrative we can construct and understand the meaning that is portrayed through what we are watching. we looked at the main theorists' that had different theories of the narrative structure which was from Vladimir Propp and Tzvetan Todorov.

Todorov's theory:
Todorov simplified the idea of the narrative theory whilst also allowing a more complex interpretation of film with this theory of equilibrium and disequilibrium. At the beginning there is a state of equilibrium where everything is normal and going fluently as it should do. At the middle there is a form of disruption which is known as the disequilibrium. Finally there is a new equilibrium produced at the end of the narrative. Todorov's theory causes excitement and intensity within the audience as they experience both the equilibrium point and disequilibrium within the narrative.

Propp's theory:
Propp had the idea of the narrative being dependant on the characters which have purposes such as an antagonist and an protagonist in which there is a battle between the two sets of characters to determine who is the superior character. This usually happens in Disney films with a 'Hero' and a 'Villain' a notable example being 'Sleeping Beauty'

My Narrative:
For my narrative, I believe that Todorov's theory would be most relevant to my thriller opening. This is because the idea of a equilibrium and disequilibrium throughout the opening would have a positive impact on the audience and attract them in watching my thriller. Moreover, the reason as to why i do not consider to use Propp's theory is that it is not relevant as it does not relate to the thriller genre.

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  1. Some good information here. You refer to some good thoerists and justify why you have chosen to use Todorov.

    To improve;
    -is there always a conventional start, middle and end?
    -For Propp's theory, provide more character examples and images to support your work.
    -What was Aristotle's theory about?
    -What theory do most thrillers tend to take?
    -check grammar please.