Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Planning - Character Representation - Ms Heath

Character representation is important because the audience needs to be aware of who each character is, and what type of character that each of them are. Character representaion would also result in the audience reacting to each character in a specific and different way. For example a stereotypical character would be the blonde victim from the thriller 'Scream' as she is represented as being weak in comparision to the antagonise so therefore the audience would feel sympathetic towards her.

Hygerta: (Victim)
Hygerta is a 16 year old female character in which she is portrayed as a attractive teenage girl that is confident and gets attension from a lot of teenage boys. Her being blonde categorises her as being vulnerable and not being smart. Her being attractive is the main reason as to why she gets targeted by the antagonist. She is represented as being innocent and and weak as the audience would be able to tell by her form of body language and facial expression. This character is significant in my thriller because she is represented as being the innocent victim and this gives the audience to take her side in the same way as the audience feel sympathetic towards the blonde character from 'Scream'

Kay: (Antagonist)
Kay plays the antagonist role as he wold be represented as being intimidating throught the whole opening. He also would be represented in a way so that the audience is aware that his main aim is to harm the victim. The equipment and iconography that belong to himwould portray his dark and evil side. After he targets the victim and doing research on her i.e her pictures he makes up his idea to capture her. Him being in the low-key ligthing setting also contributes to him being a dark and mysterious character.


  1. A good start Onat, you have thought carefully about how you will portray your characters. To improve:
    -Analyse some stereotypical characters from film at the start of your post
    -Add a bit more detail about what your characters will wear/what their body language will be like

  2. Please make the changes noted above to your work.