Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Planning - Creating own storyboard - Ms Begum

Creating own storyboard

Before the production of our actual thriller product, we had to create our own storyboard. We had previous experience about storyboards as we found out what a storyboard was and looked at different types of storyboards  and now we had to put what we learnt into practice. The storyboard had helped me and my group because it made our production process have a structure and it was more organised as the back-bone of what the filming was going to be about was set by using the storyboard.

The order our storyboard was completed in:

Significant amount of time was spent on creating our storyboard and deciding on the micro-elements, shot duration and other factors. However, the time spent on our storyboard had paid off because the storyboard had saved us time in our production process. Furthermore, the shot duration was essential because it made us aware of the total time that should be spent on the shots in order to get it the final product around two minutes.

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  1. Some more good evidence of planning here Onat, well done. A good grpahic storyboard has been created.

    To improve;
    -state in your introduction how essential you think the storyboard is in the planning stage?
    -what were the benefits of creating a storyboard?
    -how do you think this further planning will help in th editing stage of your production?