Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Research -Mise en scene/Costume - Ms Heath


costume is the type of clothing a character wears. it is also one of the main elements in which a character is represented in a film. The typical antagonist is represented as wearing the colour black or dark colours. However, the typical protagonist is portrayed as wearing the colour white or relatively light colours compared to the antagonist.

From this image from ‘Halloween’ we can clearly address that this character is the antagonist by the costume he is wearing. The jumper and jacket is shown as being dirty, ripped and worn out which clarifies the character as being ruthless and rough. it also causes other characters to feel frightened towards him and shows the evil nature of the character. The dark gloves also is used to represent that the antagonist is trying to hide his identity along with the mask.  

On the other hand, we see that a potential victim which is a young body lady wearing a white plain jumper. The white jumper represents her as being pure and innocent. The white jumper is plain and does not consist of any form of defence for the victim, which outlines that she is defenceless against a attack from the protagonist and significantly weaker which would result in her being in trouble.

To conclude, looking into costumes has helped me gather significant amount of ideas for my own thriller. I'am now also aware of the conventional costumes different characters in thrillers wear. more importantly I now know the type of costume that an antagonist tends to wear and the type of costumes a victim wears. The colour also plays a key role in representing costumes as I'am now aware of the light clothing associated by a victim and a protagonist and dark colours being associated for an antagonist.

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