Friday, 1 March 2013

Post production - soundtrack of the thriller production - Ms Begum

soundtrack of the thriller production
Soundtracks are important to thrillers because soundtracks follow the atmosphere of the film and is used in a way as assisting the narrative, and making it more appealing.The impact that a effective soundtrack has on the audeince is that it causes tension and results in the audience reacting to specific scenes in different ways. it can also enhance the success of the thriller as it results in the audience engaging further into the thriller.
A conventional soundtrack of a thriller would be a soundtrack that builds up as the intensity of the scene builds up. When there was action that was taking place in the scene, the soundtrack was getting louder which had an impact on the audience in being knowledgable that there should be more concentration taken into the scene as the main action is taking place.
The programme that we used was for our soundtrack was logic pro.The example portrays how logic pro was used to create our soundtrack.
This example shows how the soundtrack was used to effect:
The type of soundtrack that we used was a soundtrack that sounded eerie and also it started of slow, and as the scenes went on the pace started building up. The sound had a sharp tone to it, especially when the antagonists came together as the audience would see both antagonists together it gave a shapr and unique sound. The inspiration of our soundtrack came from Excorsist. this was because the tempo created in Excorsist and the sense of eerie sounds was effective so we thought our soundtrack should be done in a similair way.
What was effective in our thriller soundtrack was that it related to the conventional thriller soundtracks as the soundtrack was building up when it was neccessary, such as when there was action that needed emphasis on. Moreover, another factor that was effectice was that there were distorting sounds used when there was flashing images that popped up in the thriller.
To conclude, the soundtrack helped our overall prodution by complimenting our actual thriller product. The sounds that were used related to our actual footage and added to the quality of our end product. I believe that after the soundtrack our thriller is more conventional because the soundtrack consisted of sounds that built tension and related to the thriller genre,

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  1. Onat, a good post here on your refelction of sound within your production. You relate to conventional sounds and films that have inspired your sound choices.

    To improve;
    -more specific examples from your thriller to show your effective use of sound
    -any difficulties you faced when using the software? How did you overcome them?