Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Research - Questionnaire - Ms Gibbings


In the Questionnaire task i had to create a set of questions in which i had to give out to people in which they would answer using their own preference and then this would give me an idea about what i should include in my thriller, also I would be aware of the target audience of the thriller genre and what the target audience would require to see in the film. The questions consisted of open or closed answers.


What is your gender? Male/Female

What is your age group? 11-14    15-17   18-25   25+

Do you enjoy watching thrillers? please state below.

Roughly, how many thriller films have you watched? 0-3    4-8    9-12   13+

What sub-genre do you enjoy most? 
  • Crime thriller
  • Action thriller
  • Psychological thriller
  • Science fiction thriller
  • Religious thriller

What is your favourite thriller film? please state below.

would the trailer of a thriller make you decide if you should watch the film or not? Yes/No

What is the most appealing factor of a thriller film?

  • storyline
  • director
  • actors/actresses
  • tittle
What do you think is the most significant factor that makes a successful thriller?

How significant would the opening of a thriller be in reference to the whole thriller? Please chose one.
  • Very significant
  • Significant
  • Not so significant
  • Not significant at all

After conducting my questionnaire I had drawn out some significant factors about how different people feel about the thriller genre. The first point that I was able to see was that the higher the age of the person was  the larger amount of thriller films they had watched. Therefore, the thriller genre is not popular amongst under the age of 15. Therfore, i knew that I should aim my thriller product to audience who is 15 or over. In the favourite thriller film question the films ' se7en ' and ' Taken ' were the most popular thriller films that were watched. I should consider following the conventions of the two films in constructing my thriller opening. This task helped me with my thriller opening research because it made me familiar with the demands of the audience and i was knowledgeable about what the audience would expect from a thriller. Also factors such as what appeals to the audience and the sub genres were points that i needed to take into consideration because if I follow the guidelines of what the audience expect and prefer this would enhance the popularity and success of my thriller opening.


  1. Well done Onat, this is a good start.

    To improve:
    -Add in graphs for significant results
    -Explain in more detail how you will do what the audience will expect

  2. Excellent Onat, you have made some changes here. See if you can add in some graphs for the other questions and analyse questions individually