Friday, 9 November 2012

Planning - Production roles - Ms Heath

Production roles – Ms Heath

The 7 camera roles and the definition for each of them:

Camera operator: This is the person who films the scenes, he/she would work alongside the storyboard organiser and the director to take instructions from them about how to operate the camera. Such as what shot, angle and movement to use at the specific scene or time.They should create shots which are effective to use for the thriller genre and not to confuse the audience by using the appropriate camera techniques.
Actors: These are the people who are getting filmed, they act as the characters desired in the film, they work with the film director to get instructions on how to be feeling and how they should be positioned in the scene. Their job is to play a convincing character and to deliver the genre of thriller to the audience.
Sound technician: the sound technician is the person that creates the specific sounds that are relevant to each scene. They have to work with the storyboard organiser to decide the type of sound to use. They make sure that the sounds are effective to the audience.
Editors: These are people that edit the scenes. They would work with the storyboard organiser and also the camera operator to decide the parts which would require cutting, and what type of montage to use and what sequence of shots should be used. They would make sure that the cuts they use do not confuse the audience and that they are effective for the thriller genre.
Film Director: This is the person who is in charge of everything that goes on in the film making, but mainly controls the actors, he/she makes sure everything is effective and reflect the film producers ideas. Moreover, they control all the elements of mise-en-scene. They work with the whole team and makes sure they are pursing in the producers aspirations.
Location manager: This is the person that chooses the location of the scene, he/she makes sure that the location would be conventional for a thriller film, and also he/she would have to work with the film directors to decide what time of the day and what area to set the scene at. This is to make sure that they have the best place to film the scene at the correct time to enhance the impact the scene has on the audience by choosing appropriate scenes so they can relate to making the audience more engaged and interested in the scene.
Storyboard organiser: The storyboard organiser is the person who creates the film on a storyboard which displays all the other workers of the film in rough idea of what’s going to happen in the scene, they make it relevant to a thriller. It implies the shot number, cinematography, soundtrack, actors involved, editing style narrative, dialogue and duration of the scene to give the workers a more detailed guideline and a general idea of what they are meant to be producing. The storyboard organiser would make it as detailed as he/she can so there would be less work to do on the day of shooting.

Who will take what role and why?

Camera operator: We assigned the camera operator in our group to be Jessica. This was because she told us she was confident with using the camera. She is also confident in creating shots that are effective to the thriller genre.
Actors: The actors would be, Kay, Latifa and I. This was because I feel like my acting would have a positive impact to our opening. Moreover Kay and Latifa felt that their acting would contribute in a positive way to the group because of their drama skills.
Sounds technician: This role would be taken by Jasmine and Jessica. They both had good ideas about the specific sounds that should be used, and both were confident in creating these sounds.
Editors: The editor would be Kay, this was because Kay was willing to go through the footage and decide which parts need editing, and what editing type needs to be used.
Film director: Everyone in the group would be contributing in directing the film. We would all make sure that everything is effective and that we put all our ideas together to make a successful thriller opening.
Location manager: The location manager would be myself. I think I’d be useful in this role because I will be able to find a suitable location and id be able to make sure that the location of the scene would be conventional to a thriller film.
Storyboard manager: this role would be taken by Jasmine because she is organised in making the storyboard which would make the film easier to produce.


  1. Assigning positions to members is one of the keys to make a movie project a successful one, assigning positions should be according to their potential and capability. Good luck to your movie project and I am sure it is successful one because you have a good planning strategy.

  2. Thank you for so much for your time in reading my work.I'm glad you're impressed by it, feel free to check out the rest of my blogs.

    Onat Hasip :)

  3. Great job Onat! It is clear that you have considered different strengths of individuals and consequently, how you can apply these strengths to specific roles.

    To improve;

    - further detail needed about why each member of the team is suited for specific roles.

  4. Please make the changes noted above to your work.